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How To Live With Menopause

How do you feel when entering menopause? Do you think you can live with menopause? It seems a woman in menopause faces physical changes and new emotional realities. Are you also feeling the same? Do you feel stress and uncertain with what happen to your body?

Although Eastern and Western disciplines disagree in the interpretations of stress response and their prescriptions for how to deal with it, recognition has grown in both disciplines that body and mind are intertwined, working together or against each other.

The Western interpretation is based on research into the "flight or fight response," first identified by Dr. Walter Cannon in the 1930's. In response to threat, the body's sympathetic nervous system goes into action. The adrenal gland pumps out more epinephrine, which speeds up the heart rate and constricts blood vessels. The breathing rate increases, and the blood coagulation system is activated so that blood will clot more quickly in case of injury. For the earliest ancestors, these responses gave the body the jump start it needed to flee from a menacing animal or enemy or to stand and fight thus the label "fight or flight." Accumulated stress can literally make you sick.

In Eastern philosophies, practitioners believe that such stress causes the body to build up certain toxins that must be released or they will block energy flow throughout the body.

While most of us associate negative stress with harmful body changes, it's also possible to "stress out" with too much good news.

Whatever it is, those both interpretations are related to our body. Sure you don't want to get weak body because of stress while you live with menopause. Therefore here are some checklists you need to do while you live with menopause:

1. Life has become visibly more complicated. Don't feel that you have to do everything and do decide what critically needs to be accomplished. Think about your values and write down those that really matter to you. What is most important? Spending time with family? Accumulating great wealth? Achieving powerful influence? Acquiring possessions? Expressing yourself? Learning new ideas? Experiencing adventure and travel? Maintaining excellent health? Socializing with friends? Contributing to the community? You can't do them all. Cut out activities that aren't consistent with your core values.

2. Carry a smaller wallet or purse. Start by cleaning out the one you've got. Get rid of unnecessary credit cards and other clutter that you don't use regularly.

3. Stop checking up on your financial portfolio every day. Most people invest for the long term. Checking your results daily adds to stress and might lead to expensive and unnecessary changes.

4. Make time for yourself. Set aside time each day to reflect quietly, go for a walk, plan for your future or meditate. Visit the park instead of the mall.

5. Cut back on debt. Consolidate your different debts into one and pay it off. Put your credit cards in a spot where you won't be able to use them until you're debt-free. Track your expenses for a month, then cut back your spending on items you don't need. For instance, pack a lunch rather than buying one at work. Mix and match your outfits rather than constantly buying new ones.

6. Consider renting a vacation home rather than buying. You won't be burdened by time (and money) spent in maintenance. Also, this allows you to visit a different spot each year.

7. Plan time for a vacation every year. Some people claim "I haven't had a vacation in three years" as if it was a badge of courage. It isn't.

8. Cut back on your children's planned activities. If they have to use a time planner to schedule their activities, and you spend all of your time taxiing them around, they're probably too busy.

9. Live closer to your work so you don't have to drive.

10. Take a moment each day to be grateful.

About The Author:
Alicia Simpson is a mother and housewife who experience menopause. Her new guide book: Menopause without Stress. You can find more about her experience on menopause at and

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How to overcome your "Obstacles".graham and julie I realised that I really created my own obstacles in life, and if I just got out of the way of myself and let my mind not hold me back, I could do things I never thought I could." (Hilary Swank, as reported in the Sunday Times)

Hilary Swank puts her breathtaking performance in Million Dollar Baby down to the way Clint Eastwood was able to get her to relax and stop her interfering with her natural ability to create such an awesome character.

What about you? How do you interfere with your natural ability. How do you stop yourself from progressing? What do you say to yourself that ensures you stay within a safe arena? In Hilary Swank's words what is your "obstacle" to success in your life.

For most of us our obstacle is the same as Hilary Swank's. It is our mind. The way we were raised. The area we lived in. The schools we went to. The education we received or not as the case may be. The first jobs we had. The people we idolised in our youth and in later life. All give us a way of being.

Think for a moment. What do you now do that can be traced back to your past. Have you ever said anything and a sibling or member of your family immediately responded "You sound just like."? If you have then you have just met an "obstacle" That thought was not a new thought. It is not even one of your thoughts. It is a response to a stimulus. It is a learned behaviour. A behaviour that isn't yours it is someone else's and you copied it. It is well and truly an "obstacle"

This is a small example but one that can be identified quickly. How many, other hidden behaviours do you have that are a carbon copy of someone else. All these "obstacles" ensure that you are kept in your place'.

Have you ever thought to yourself;" I would like to do that" and quickly another thought enters your mind, "but I don't think so". The thought that comes says, "It is embarrassing" or "my (mother) wouldn't like it"or whatever your excuse is. It is this that Hilary Swank is talking about. Your mind is holding you back.

How do you progress?

Kathy Sierra, the well known author of bestseller Head First books, says you just need to overcome your brains "Crap Filter". That area of your brain that stops you moving forward.

How do you do it.?

Do exactly as Hilary Swank says Stop Thinking.
Exploit what your mind thinks is important.. Your Feelings.

Instead of following a path that is run by your head and what you think you ought to do. Go with your feelings. Do what you feel is right. Don't let your mind hold you back. Awaken your feelings. The stronger your feelings towards a particular action the more you overcome the filter on your brain and now you have overcome your obstacle.

How do you know you have the right feeling? How do you know you are on the right path?


When you are on the correct path and doing what is right for you. You feel great.
Everything appears to be in synch. You may be doing something for hours and it feels like minutes. Your face is all aglow. You are really enjoying yourself. In a nutshell you stop evaluating what you are doing and have started to do things you never thought were possible. You are performing naturally, everything is "right".

Don't just accept what we say. Try it. Imagine for a moment that you are Hilary Swank. You have been given this great opportunity. You have the knowledge, you have done the research. Everything that can be prepared has been prepared. Now let go of your learned thinking and let your natural talent emerge. Go on you've got nothing to lose.

You now know how to overcome your obstacle.

Good Luck.

Graham and Julie

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