Friday, September 14, 2007

Menopause- Testing Time for Women

For many women this period becomes one of the most testing times of all. It will not be proper to say that menopause is a simple passing stage in the lives of females, in fact it is not! Menopause is surely a worrying and difficult time of life for every woman during which she undergoes a lot of changes, physically, as well as mentally. All she needs is support from her dear ones and she will silently sail through this tough period of life.

Previously, menopause was not talked about, but now, women are starting to look at, talk about and own their Menopause. They are taking more responsibility for their own lives. As women get older their thoughts and feelings take a new direction. They become more acutely aware of health, their relationships with family and friends, the economic security and their own inner selves.

This period is the gateway to a transition to a new phase of life for a female. According to Germaine Greer, "Women need to devise their own Rite of Passage, a celebration of what could be regarded as the restoration of a woman to herself". In a society which often regards ageing as useless, it is no wonder many women see Menopause as fearful and confusing. We need to be conscious of our own strengths, self worth and wisdom.

As the time for menopause comes nearer, there are a hell lot of questions in the mind of a female like how to approach the same situations now? Is Hormone Replacement Therapy better? It can become confusing for most of them, but there are alternatives. Physicians are more aware today and understand their needs in a better fashion. They recommend a simple life style with nutrient diet and regular exercise which will help a woman during menopause gain sufficient energy and patience to boost up her self confidence which usually goes down.

Doctors say that 15% of women have no problems when their periods cease. 70% of women, however, experience some symptoms and changes. These can be hot flushes, insomnia, mood swings, and lack of confidence, crying for no reason, weight gain and other changes.

Maybe the biggest concern at this stage is Osteoporosis. As we get older our bone density becomes thinner and more liable for breaking up easily. With a good healthy diet and a general health conscious, women can definitely fight up against osteoporosis.

A small walk in the near by park and some yoga can do wonders for some. Remember, Menopause is not a disorder but, like puberty, is a period of physical and emotional change which affects some women more than others.

Remember, it is your Menopause, your Rite of Passage, so find out as much as you can about the Natural Remedies and as much as possible about the good and not so good aspects of the H.R.T. There is plenty of information out there - talk to your friends: there are some very good books and support groups available.

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