Friday, December 14, 2007

Should You Take Menopause Diet Pills?

As menopause begins women often find many less than ideal images entering their minds. One typical concern is that menopause will make you pile on the pounds like never before.

Indeed, as people age and start to enter their forties and fifties their metabolism does begin to slow down. What is very important to remember is that there is no concrete evidence as yet that menopause its self causes weight gain.

Any weight issues experienced during menopause, e.g. bloatedness, are often be blamed on the menopause it's self, typically wrongly. Menopause diet pills are not the solution to people's particular weight gains.

Pills specifically aimed at reducing weight during menopause are misleading. The phrase 'whilst experiencing hot flashes and mood swings you exercise, you barely eat, and you still pile on the pounds in areas you never had before' can often be seen on menopause diet pill containers. These are pure marketing trash designed to prey on women's insecurities in order to make sales. Often someone with the title of doctor will have supposedly helped to create these wonder pills that have been tried and tested for up to more than two decades. Pills such as these are typically the standard dieting pills from one of the many manufacturers, simply with a different name on the front of the packet. In no way are they specific to menopause.

Other pills on the market may have more of an effect with burning fat but should not be taken by menopausal women due to various substances contained therein actually potentially increasing the wide ranging uncomfortable symptoms of menopause.

Any product which contains caffeine or a similar caffeine shaped chemical compound should ideally be avoided. Many additives on pill box labels contain this type of ingredient e.g. kola nut, guarana, green tea extract, yerba mate and bitter orange (citrus aurantium).

Caffeine acts to heighten menopausal difficulties, but also can create another set of irritating side effects. Not uncommon are nervousness, elevated blood pressure, cases of the jitters and palpitations of the heart.

If pills must be taken for anything, unless approved by your doctor, they should be vitamin-specific pills used to increase certain vitamins and minerals in your diet.

If you want to loose weight whilst undergoing menopause then standard fitness advice is what is required. Consume a moderate quantity of healthy and varied food whilst also frequently exercising at the appropriate pace for your level of fitness. A healthy diet lowers your blood cholesterol levels, provides just the right energy required for the day and has been known to improve your positive outlook on life. Regular exercise has been seen to raise your metabolic rate, aiding weight loss, and lower stress and the risk of a multitude of serious diseases, such as osteoporosis, diabetes and cancer.

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