Monday, March 10, 2008

Herbal Combination For The Treatment Of Menopause

When a number of herbs are combined in a singe supplement, it is called a herbal combination. It is often used to treat the uncomfortable symptoms and side effects of menopause.

While herbal combinations used to treat menopause contain many different herbs, some of them are common and are referred to as ?female herbs?. They are given below:

Black Cohosh

Known for its curative properties black cohosh or Cimicifuga racemosa were used by native Americans to cure many female problems. Experiments done recently shows that it contains many ingredients which classify black cohosh as a phytoestrogen,. The components are acetin, cimicifugioside, acetylacteal, 27-deoxyactin, cimigenol, and deoxyacetylateal. Though its exact mechanism of action is not known, various clinical studies have revealed its hormonal properties. This makes black cohosh a popular ingredient in herbal combinations meant for menopause treatment.

Dong Quai

Another oft-used ingredient to treat menopause is a herb called dong quai. Also known as Angelica sinensis, this herb is originally from China, where it has been used as a food additive for more than a thousand years. The herb is used in China to treat various ailments, of which treating menstrual problems and menopause are two of them. It is known as the ?menopause herb? in western countries where it is used to correct hormonal imbalance.

Chaste Berry

This comes in the shape of a large shrub, common to the Mediterranean and Southern Europe. The name is derived from its property to suppress sexual desire. Used by Greeks and Romans to promote chastity, the Chaste berry was used by medieval monks to lessen sexual desire. These days this herb is used extensively to treat various disorders of the female reproductive system. Physicians who believe in naturopathy recommend this herb for the treatment of premenstrual syndrome as well as peri and post menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, etc. No wonder then that chaste berry is used as a herbal combination for the treatment of menopause.

Over and above the herbs mentioned above herbal combinations also contain other herbs which are useful to treat some specific symptoms. Herbs like mix soy, kava, and dandelion root, added with a dose of vitamins E, C, and B, magnesium, and calcium are frequently added to menopausal herbal combinations.

The quantity of herbs which are used for herbal combinations are usually very small, but the overall effect it has on symptoms like hot flashes and other distressing symptoms of menopause is commendable.

Simply because the menopausal herbal combinations draw its benefits from herbs, trying out these on your own should be done with caution. Proper research should be done with each item before ingesting any of the herbs. Because some herbs do not go well with other herbs and could prove to be a health hazard also.

Read the labeling instructions carefully before trying out any of the menopausal herbal combinations, to check whether all the critical ingredients are there or not. Special look out should be made for black cohosh. Also check the number of milligrams of the ingredients in the herbal combination.

To know more about the many herbal combinations available in the market, talk to your health food store attendants. Or better still, talk to your physician if he is a herb believer. Much information is available online also and you can order and get the products delivered to your doorstep.

Miranda Thompsen is a staff writer at Aging Guide and is an occasional contributor to several other websites, including Wellness Digest.

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