Friday, February 20, 2009

Why You Should Not Wait For Symptoms of Menopause Before Identifying Remedies?

Have you ever thought that every woman who lives up to middle age has got Menopause waiting for them between mile stone 45 and 51, and that you are one of them?

Have you also ever thought about your knowledge of menopause? May be you do not bother with such vital issue in your life, even though you hear of menopause from time to time. Why does it never excite your curiosity to know about this natural phenomenon that will eventually creep in on you, announced by some discomforting symptoms?

All I hear mostly about menopause is how uncomfortable it is for women in pre or menopause proper. But that is because such women were just like you are now. They did not prepare for the eventuality of menopause. They did not understand what and how menopause symptoms manifest, neither did they find out what difference it will make for them if they changed their life styles to such that will aid their bodies to better manage both nutritional and hormonal shortfalls that trigger menopause.

Of course you may not know that though menopause is not a disease, its symptoms are serious health problems effecting millions of women worldwide at every given time, though simple natural therapies: herbs, exercise regimens and nutritional supplements required to augment their diet and balance their hormones are available

Do you also know that at middle age the body?s ability to metabolize and absorb nutrients from the food you eat become lowered, denying your body essential vitamins and minerals? And that at this point in time your calcium recommended daily allowance becomes unattainable even if you have the means for balanced diet? This is when suddenly your ovary begins to show signs of retiring as your estrogen level drops drastically, announced by discomforting symptoms. Calcium is an important mineral that helps in production and balancing of hormones.

You may have heard of hot flashes, night sweats, irritability, anxiety, persistent headaches, shrinking of the vagina walls and dryness, and general disorientation that makes you wonder what was happening to you... Irregular menstruation is common at the unset of menopause. Your appetite can be greatly impaired - either make you gluttonous or averse to food. You can also begin to gain weight or lose weight drastically. All these awful health problems are symptoms of pre menopause and menopause proper.

However, do not despair now. If your age is above 40 you should begin to acquaint yourself with the symptoms of menopause and available remedies. There are very useful ebooks that teach simple remedies. These menopause manuals have seen countless number of women through their menopause transition in better states than without them. You can get them online, read them and prepare yourself to confront menopause when its symptoms show up. That is common sense, isn?t it?

I want you to also note that menopause does not last through out the remainder of your life; not at all, it clears up and ushers you into a graceful life of ripe old age so blissful because of good health derived from the health care regimen you used to combat menopause. Even sexual reception at this period is restored to a peak you have never known.

That will not be the case for those who neither prepared nor knew what to do to get relief from the symptoms of menopause. They will always look haggard and sickly after all the pummeling they received from those awful symptoms of menopause.

You do not want to be one of them, do you? Sure you don?t want to suffer unduly, so take action today, get to know menopause and arm yourself. Forewarned is forearmed.

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