Monday, October 22, 2007

Living With Menopause

Some women claim that menopause has ruined their lives. These women may indicate that going through menopause has been part of the darkest period of time in their lives. Some women say that they are depressed and only feel like staying in bed all day. They will tell you that there is nothing very good about the menopause experience. The fact is, living with menopause is really no different than having to deal with any other time in your life.

Menopause occurs naturally to all women at some time in their lives. In some women there may be symptoms that difficult and troublesome, but women should not dread the experience completely. A lot of the times, women who are experiencing menopause are going through other things in their life so having to deal with menopause can have a doubling affect on what the woman is feeling.

Many women are afraid that menopause will take away their attractiveness or make them feel old. Some may feel less feminine. These feelings are common but it should be understood that these feelings really what you make of them. If you are confident in your appearance and feel young then approaching menopause really should not make that impression go away.

Your attitude as you approach menopause will likely determine what your experience will ultimately be like. There will be some days that you will not feel so great or you feel that your emotional level is higher than other days which may be due to the lack of estrogen in your body. These feelings are natural and it is not unexpected for them to leave you feeling a bit down.

There are reasons to be excited about menopause. It can signify the start of the rest of your life, as corny as that may sound. It indicates strength and endurance. The fact is that you have made it through your reproductive years and have dealt with thousands of periods in your life. You should be happy that your body is now giving you a break from those occurrences.

You should not think of it in terms of it signifying an end to your youth. On the contrary, many young women can go through menopause as well, which is not particularly common, but can occur. It is simply something that occurs to every woman at different times during their lives. Some women may be older and some younger.

How you perceive menopause will also affect how you view it as well. If your mother spent her life dreading the experience then that may affect how you will feel about it. You can be influenced in negative ways by those around you and can act according to how they view the experience. Those around you who are negative about the experience can influence your experience in a adverse way.
Remember, it is different for everyone.

You need to plan on being positive through the experience. Tell yourself that this is a natural and good thing to happen to your body. Tell those around you that there may be days when you are not feeling the greatest and that you are working hard to get through menopause in a positive way since it is something that all females go through. If you are positive, it will affect others and they will also be positive on the experience.

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