Sunday, December 23, 2007

Suffering From Menopause? Your Treatment Options

Menopause is defined as a natural life occurrence. This is because it is something that most women will undergo. Although most women experience menopause once they reach fifty years of age, there are women who can start to develop symptoms before or even after that time. Unfortunately, many of those symptoms can be difficult to manage. If you feel that you are suffering from menopause, you are advised to seek treatment. This treatment, whether it is provided by a healthcare professional or not, should relieve or completely eliminate the many symptoms of menopause.

Before familiarizing yourself with menopause treatment options, it is advised that you first be diagnosed with it. This may require a visit to your local physician. Although most women will automatically know that they are experiencing menopause, due to their age, not all will. Common menopause symptoms that you should be on the lookout for include, but should not be limited to, changes in menstrual cycles, hot flashes, insomnia, mood swings, vaginal dryness, headaches, sexual disinterest, weight gain, and concentration problems. If you notice a number of these symptoms, you are advised to schedule an appointment with your healthcare provider.

Once you have been diagnosed with menopause, you and your healthcare provider can work to develop a treatment plan. That treatment plan may include hormone replacement therapy. Since menopause is often caused by a decrease in estrogen, you may find that your physician wishes to replace those hormones. Popular hormone replacement therapy procedures include estrogen replacement therapy (ERT) and hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Depending on your menopause symptoms, your physician will choose the hormone replacement therapy that best fits your needs.

Hormone replacement therapy is one of the most popular menopause treatment options. This is mostly due to the fact that hormone replacement is implemented by a professional. However, there are a large number of menopause treatment options that can be considered alternatives. These alternatives are ideal because they often require little or no supervision from a physician. These alternatives include herbs, exercise, and other forms of alternative medicine.

If you are interested in seeking menopause treatment, but without having to pay a large amount of money, you are advised to examine the benefits of exercise. It has been noted that exercise helps to eliminate hot flashes. This is done by raising the endorphin levels in the body. These levels are important because when hot flashes occur, the levels typically drop. Exercise is an ideal way to reduce a number of menopause symptoms because, in many cases, it is free. Whether you make the decision to use your exercise equipment at home or just go for a walk, you should be able to increase your endorphin levels; thus resulting in the reduction or temporarily elimination of hot flashes.

Alternative medicine, including practices such as massages and acupuncture, are rapidly increasing in popularity. The goal of most alternative forms of medicine is to relax the body. This body relaxation is not only likely to improve your blood circulation, but it also likely to reduce many of your menopause symptoms. These symptoms most commonly include fatigue, weakness, and hot flashes. While alternative medicine is used by many, its cost may pose a problem. Many alternative medicine procedures are not covered under most health insurance plans. This means that if you decide to seek the assistance of alternative medicine, for menopause treatment, you may need to pay for that assistance out-of-pocket.

The above mentioned menopause treatment options are just a few of the many that you may find beneficial to you and your health. In the event that you are unable to seek relief from exercise, hormone replacement therapy, or alternative medicine, your physician may be able to provide you with information on additional treatment options

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