Thursday, May 1, 2008

Instant Relief From Early Menopause Symptoms And Heart Palpitations

Do you know menopause symptoms and heart palpitations go hand in glove? Although Menopause isn't a disease, it can complicate your health if you are careless or do not know menopause. It can cause a health problem known as heart palpitation or rapid heart beat.

If you haven't experienced it then you won't be able to imagine what it feels like for your heart to skip a beat as one of early menopause symptoms.

A major problem precipitated by menopause is a prolapsed heart. When you become menopausal it is advisable to regularly consult with your physician to check for a partial deformity of your heart valve. Know that this heart condition causes prolapsed heart during menopause.

Heart palpitation is one of early menopause symptoms in which the heart races repeatedly as if it will not stop. This condition is extremely uncomfortable and frightening. It is brought about by the heart experiencing premature contractions which make it beat twice as quickly, pumping more blood to the heart. You have to know menopause in order to be able to control it.

The moment you begin to feel early menopause symptoms, you should avoid stress, and the anxiety that comes from irregular menstruation. It is one of the early menopause symptoms.

Other symptoms, are tinnitus or ringing in the ear, sleeplessness or insomnia, depression and panic attacks from ordinary household noises. Like the yelling by children. Hot flashes, night sweats and dry vagina are also early menopause symptoms. If you know menopause you will be able to handle most of these problems without suffering unduly.

Know that relaxation, exercise and sleep are good for you during early menopause symptoms and menopause proper. These will help keep your hormones from going wild, especially your cortisol. It can go up twenty fold when you are stressed. A raised cortisol level is dangerous for your heart. It makes it beat faster. This action overworks your heart and causes you discomfort. It is one of the early menopause symptoms.

Research has also shown that increased cortisol hastens both diabetes and high blood pressure in menopausal women. To know all these is to know menopause.

The bottom line for you, therefore, is to know how to rearrange your lifestyle as soon as or even before early menopause symptoms appear.

You must also appreciate nutrition. It is crucial at middle age because it will help your body to produce more hormones to augment your depleting hormone levels. Hormone depletion is the cause of early menopause symptoms and menopause proper.

Exercise will also help you burn calories and strengthen your bones to keep osteoporosis at bay. Osteoporosis is a result of thinning and spongy bones due to calcium deficiency.

Well written guides on how to get instant relief from early menopause symptoms are available online in ebook forms. They will teach you to know that Menopause is a manageable middle age crisis, and how to control it.

Menopause does not, in 90% of cases, last all through the remainder of your life. Most women graduate from menopause at age 51 or there about. How much you suffer from early menopause symptoms and the duration of your menopause will also greatly depend on your knowledge and lifestyle.

Just prepare yourself to know menopause and you will go through it without undue suffering.

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